All publicity is good publcity

I guess the tour bosses are fans of Brendan F. Behan. Usually the day of the Tour de France route announcement stands alone in the cycling press. Not this year. Patrice Clerc and Christian Prudhomme have decided that they want more.

First they take a shot across Floyd Landis’ bow by finishing the tour video focusing on Floyd Landis standing atop the podium. Instead of fading to black, they inserted a cracked mirror effect to close the video.

Then to stir up more controversy closer to home, Patrice Clerc is quoted in L’Equipe as saying that if Floyd is found guilty, then there should be no winner. Well Spanish blood runs hot on a normal day, on this day it boiled over. Patrice clarified his remarks by saying that Oscar Pereiro would be declared the winner. One point Mr. Clerc, you can’t be misquoted in your own paper.

Finally, one quick reminder Christian and Patrice, most people quote Brendan F. Behan this way “All publicity is good publicity.” The real quote is “All publicity is good publicity except your own obituary.” Be careful. Dick Pound and Pat McQuaid are in the process or writing their career obituaries by seeking too much publicity.


3 Responses to All publicity is good publcity

  1. tbv says:

    “One point Mr. Clerc, you can’t be misquoted in your own paper.”

    How about Terell Owens, who claimed to be misquoted in his autobiography…


  2. tbv says:

    “except your own obituary”

    It is reported that Variety commented on the death of Elvis as, “Good Career Move”


  3. pelotonjim says:

    Did Variety factor in working in a car wash in Kalamazoo into their career move?

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