Jan’s bad judgement continues

October 24, 2006

Is Rudy Pevenage the Don King of cycling? Every fighter Don King ever managed ended up broke and ruined. It seems that Rudy Pevenage has some sort of Rasputin-like hold on Jan Ullrich.

Jan left T-mobile over Rudy in 2003. Ullrich’s move to CSC hit a snag when Bjarne Riis wanted Jan to come to CSC alone. He came back to T-Mobile in 2004 only after Rudy was allowed to return as Ullrich’s advisor.

“I am delighted that the Team has come to an agreement with Rudy,” he said. “It is very important to me, that he helps me to peak for the Tour. For that he doesn’t need to sit in the team car at the Tour. Ultimately, it doesn’t really help me much to have Rudy sitting in the car, urging me to go faster. If my form isn’t right, then that kind of advise won’t be any use to me. So – Rudy is more important in my preparations for the Tour, than he is at the Tour.”

Then Pevenage implicates Jan in doping during taped phone conversations during the Operation Puerto investigations.

Now Rudy is reportedly continuing to represent Jan Ullrich in his quest to find a new country to gain a license and team sponsorship for the 2007 season. this story is being reported in the German sports magazine Kicker. Kicker is also reporting that Rudy is looking to include former T-Mobile sports director Olaf Ludwig as part of the deal.

Since Italy seems to be the likely target of the Jan crew, is Rudy also looking to complete the circle and obtain sponsorship of Telocom Italia?