Early skirmishes have McQuaid on the defensive

CyclingNews is reporting that UCI boss Pat McQuaid has backed off his stance that he will go after any rider implicated in Operation Puerto trying to ride in a ProTour race.  This is not the first time Pat McQuaid has balked when his words backed him into a corner.  McQuaid was a conspiciously silent when it looked as though Ivan Basso was going to toe the line in the Tour of Lombardy.

With this second blink, the cycling union,  Association of Professional Cyclists (CPA), have taken the opportunity to point out the double standard emerging from the UCI.

They have complained that the UCI:

“showed how arbitrary, incoherent and inapplicable it is: some riders were prosecuted as if they were delinquents … whereas some others, being the subject of procedures, continue to race.”

Yes,  I know the cycling union is weak.  But it seems that the UCI is not as all powerful as they would lead you to believe.  While Pat McQuaid continues to bluster about not waffling saying he still has the right to bar riders and take them to the CAS if necessary, he seems to be more of a paper tiger every day.

Could this be the opening for a cycling union with some actual power?


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