Out of the valley of death

October 20, 2006

I shall walk through the valley of the shadow of death… In fact, now that I think of it, I shall run through the valley of the shadow of death, cos’ you get out of the valley quicker that way. Woddy Allen “Love and Death” (1975)

Occasionally, I get a bit frustrated with things and my wit tends to take a darker tone.  With all the media trying to paint this as a sport full of back room drug dealers and dopers, I’ve gotten a bit worn down.  My last few posts show that “snarky” side. Thanks TBV for the addition to my vocabulary.

Well, I’m determined to run out of this funk and what better way than looking at some really cool bikes. And for that, I turn to the Broadband Racer. At Interbike, the cameras found two cool bikes that are high on my drool list. The Cervelo R3SL and the Orbea Orca.


Enjoy! I am looking to upgrade in the spring of 2007. I’d like to find a way to get one of these machines and keep my marriage. Any suggestions?