CSC adds Basso to lineup for Tour of Lombardy

October 13, 2006

We have been talking about what would happen when. Well, when is now. Ivan Basso is ready to race again after being cleared of Operation Puerto. CSC has added him to the lineup for tomorrow’s Tour of Lombardy.

Pat McQuaid, (seen below at the recent UCI/WADA meeting) you painted yourself into a corner by saying you would block any rider implicated in Operation Puerto from riding. Your move.

While Basso has kept a low profile recently, our cameras were able to catch Ivan at his home as he heard the news from Bjarne Riis.



Happy yet disappointed

October 13, 2006

After the final time time trial at the Tour de France this year, I could not wait for World Cycling Productions to post the opportunity for me to part with my money. When the pre-order opportunity for the DVD came up, I jumped on it. I think I must have been one of the first orders to go through. With unbelievable races like Paris Roubaix and the Tour, I should be able to actually enjoy the trainer this winter. Well, enjoy is a bit of a strong word.

When all the turmoil started to swirl around Floyd Landis, I wondered if I should cancel the order. Would I be able to watch and enjoy the race with all this stuff as a backdrop? Would I be flushing $80 down the toilet?

I had already paused on the Giro DVD. I have still yet to order it. As the days grew shorter and a chill entered the morning air, my dilemma grew larger. I also began to get enough information to feel comfortable with my order.

Well, the other day, I received my DVD. I’m glad I kept my order. What disappoints me is the title. Floyd Landis: Hero or Villain? Having that splashed across the box, labels and the beginning credits on the DVD, will that wreck my enjoyment? In February and March when the case has moved in one direction or another, will the title be an anachronism?

As I said, I’m a little disappointed as I look at my DVDs for the last 10 tours and Giros. I still relish seeing Danilo Di Luca riding as a neo pro in the Giro. Remembering teams like Polti, Carerra, Mapei and of course, Festina. What will I think when I look at this DVD 10 years from now?