Floyd Landis releases defense strategy

According to Cyclingnews, Floyd is preparing to enter his defense on two key areas.

  • Sloppy labwork. Protocols not being followed especially in the whiteout case where one number was whited-out and Floyd’s number written over top. No attribute was given as to who and why this was done.
  • The test itself was incorrect. The results show that he was out of acceptable range in only one of four testosterone breakdown products examined. All four must be abnormal for a test to be considered positive for an illegal testosterone-to-epitestosterone ratio.

This may be strong enough to win the legal test. I do think he needs to be stronger on the public opinion front where he emphasises his innocence as opposed to non guilt. While I have posted on bias and protocols, I think there is a risk of being cleared in the legal sense and not in the public opinion sense. People don’t like to think someone gamed the system.

In an unprecidented and refreshing step, Floyd has been very active in the Daily Peloton forums. Thanks to Trust but Verify for this piece of information. Floyd also reveals himself as the feret!
What a weekend!


2 Responses to Floyd Landis releases defense strategy

  1. Daniel M says:


    Right on! I think he’s got to ramp up the PR effort, too, in order to overcome those who would say, “he got off on a technicality.”

    – Rant

  2. pelotonjim says:

    Welcome back Rant! Too much inside the beltway living will cloud your thinking!

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