Eddy Merckx gets behind Floyd Landis

Eddy Merckx has decided to lend his support to Floyd Landis. According to Cyclingnews, Eddy believes (and believes in) Floyd.

“I don’t believe that he took anything illegal. Landis did only what he had to. I don’t know for sure, of course, because I wasn’t there. But for me it [the affair] remains a mistake.”

It is interesting that Eddy is now choosing to come out on the topic. To put his considerable reputation on the line for Floyd is a mark of considerable confidence. Merckx also takes the opportunity to point out that cycling is at the forefront of anti-doping, not bringing up the rear.

There are many more controls in cycling than in all other sports. No wonder that there are people caught. The doping controls are the strictest and most frequent in the world. But one thing must be certain: you can’t be a great athlete if you use dope.”

I’ve said it before, just because you don’t look, does not mean there is nothing there.


2 Responses to Eddy Merckx gets behind Floyd Landis

  1. john Geoghegan says:

    It is pretty gratifying to see Eddy Merckx come out in favor of Floyd. Now we have two champions – Lance has also lent his moral support if not outright endorsement of Floyd’s case. The list of people who believe Floyd’s tests were invalid or cooked is growing longer by the day. It’s also interesting to read the dramatic turn away from invective on the part of Dick Pound. Before Floyd’s test resuts were released, Pound lumped Landis in with the “cheaters and liars” (Pound’s words). After seeing the results, Pound pulled back to “…we’ll have to wait and see”, and “we’re just a monitoring agency.” Hmmm?

  2. pelotonjim says:

    You are right John. I get the feeling that this is not the slam dunk that everyone says it is. We also know Dick Pound does not do anything unless it advances (or protects) his own agenda. With Operation Puerto falling apart and Floyd Landis becoming an issue, Dick is on the defensive.

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