Remember when carbon was cool?

October 6, 2006

“It’s carbon fiber.” Do you remember the first time you heard that? I do. I was drooling over a friends new Trek. He spent too much money and was waiting to catch hell from his loving spouse. While normally a rational human being, Julie was going to have a few non-rational words when she found out how much over the “new bike budget” John had gone.

John, also a normal rational human being, knew this and was willing to do the time for his crime. I agreed with him. It was sweet!

Back in those days, all you needed to know was carbon was stiff and light. The real techies knew the difference between 110 and 120 carbon. The only acronym pertaining to carbon was OCLV. Remember?

Now, we are getting a new education on carbon. Have you used CIR in a sentence yet? If not, it is coming. We are now into October and you need to begin to prepare for the all important year-end activities. The party circuit. You gather with your friends and need to be conversant on a wide array of topics. Your non cycling friends will want to know “What is going on with Floyd?” “Do you think he is guilty?”

Your cycling friends will test your knowledge on the details of the case. “Is the testing flawed?” “What about the infamous white-out?” Now is the time to prepare.

First, you need to know a little about carbon. God forbid you drop the term isomer instead of isotope. For that, go to Rant your Head Off and read “Of Isotopes and Isomers” This is necessary background reading for all those on the cocktail party circuit.

Now, for the advanced course. Go to Trust but Verify. A general read will impress the heck out of the non-cycling community. Practice the proper pronunciation of the Laboratoire National de Dépistage du Dopage. This gives you added credibility.

For your cycling friends, you need to be able to demonstrate a command of cycling as well as all sports. Pay attention to posts such as yesterday’s that takes the talk of carbon testing to other sports. You also need to be expert on “ferret-gate.”

Of course, you need to be conversant on T/E ratios and such but assume that all your competitors will be at that level. Good luck!