Why are advertising rates high on Thursday night?

Thursday night television has the highest rates for advertisers for a simple reason. That is when you are most likely planning to buy something. Most people spend on the weekend. We either line up projects or entertainment. Thursday night is when we begin to plan this all out. Are you going to look at cars, buy a shed, or go to the movies?

Look at the commercials tonight with that as a backdrop. Scary how well marketers know you.

If you are thinking in the entertainment category, let me give you my commercial. Wired to Win: Surviving the Tour de France. This movie is fantastic!The movie was shot during the 2003 Tour de France in IMAX format. The movie is about how your brain grows, develops, and works. The writers and producers tie in cycling wonderfully. Cycling is used to demonstrate the scientific concepts and educate us as well.

Watch the trailer. Sweeping views of the peloton as they pass through the French countryside. The film is narrated by Alfred Molina who has been in many movies including The DaVinci Code and Spiderman 2.

Here is a current list of where the movie is playing. If you have seen it, let me know what you think in the comments section.


You may have seen me mention my buddy Wade. He and his wife Wendy played a huge role in bringing this film to life. Combined with the innovative thinking of the movie’s producer Joanna Baldwin Mallory, the creation is available to educate and ignite a love of science for the next generation. This project was a labor of love for them for several years.


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