Cycling meets YouTube

Yesterday, I offered the idea to begin a grass roots campaign to take the allure of cycling to a broader audience. The method I suggested was through the emerging medium. I did some research on online video sites to learn how we can do what they do. How do we create something that others (non-cyclists) would watch?

Sites like Will Video for Food give insight and even step by step instructions on how to create a product, where to post it, and how to direct traffic to your creation.

Well, we have an early entry into the fray. The Nashville Cyclist has begun a video blog on YouTube starting today. His initial posts are fairly straight forward interviews. It’s a good start, we need to join him. The fall is promising some good weather and many year-end centuries, club races, and charity events are still in front of us.

Let’s start the campaign to get people to fall in love with their bikes again!


2 Responses to Cycling meets YouTube

  1. nalts says:

    I’m going to start videotaping people on their bikes. If they crash is it my fault?

  2. pelotonjim says:

    Na unless you are infront of them and they crash into you. Believe it or not, it actually happened on the biggest stage of the Tour de France a couple of years ago.

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