USADA still in conclave


The members of the USADA have not met their self imposed timeline of an announcement this week in the Floyd Landis v World case. The smoke signals another lost day.

Bloggers and fans are beginning to lose interest.



3 Responses to USADA still in conclave

  1. […] Click here for the latest on the Floyd Landis Conclave […]

  2. […] With the Floyd Landis watch in full swing, an important date came and went. Have you guessed yet? Well here it is. Tyler Hamilton’s ban ended on Friday September 22nd. Tyler had stated all along that he wanted to enter the World Championships Road Race on Sunday but he was quietly told by USA cycling that given the recent Operation Puerto cloud, he is persona non grata in the pro peloton. He needs to wait it out on the sidelines with Ivan Basso, Jan Ullrich, and the others who have been suspended by their respective teams. […]

  3. […] Shortly after starting my blog, the Floyd Landis story broke.  I weighed in occasionally, tried to lighten the mood often, and really tried to keep the other news alive.  I did not want my blog to become a doping […]

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