Habemus Casum!

We have a trial! (My apologies to the Vatican).

Reports spanning the blogsphere with legitimate media outlets like Trust but Verify and tabloids like the New York Times saying the USADA took the easy route in sending the case to a hearing. I think that it would have been a monumental win for Floyd Landis to get the case thrown out right up front. When given the choice, most people will push things off to another group. If you don’t believe me, why does the gate agent put you on a flight that connects in Cleveland when they already know you will not make your connection and have to spend the night there. Because, they want someone else to deal with it.


As they said in the Colosseum, “Let the Games Begin!”

Editor’s note: My apologies on my late posting of the decision.  I had gone back to the Directeur Sportif’s car for some quality time with my DS  and two mechanics when the attack came from the front of the peloton. (Family night)


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