Disco is so yesterday.


Word has been leaking out in over the past few weeks of a major change afoot in the Discovery Channel Procycling team. I’ve posted several reported moves here. The most recent being Roger Hammond and Lief Hoste. Now it is official. Just like my Leisure Suit, the old Disco boys are being put into the closet and the famous Blue Train is disbanded.

Here are the boys who will be wearing different kits next year.


  • Jose Azevedo
  • Michael Barry
  • Manuel “Triki” Beltran
  • Viatcheslav “Eki” Ekimov
  • Roger Hammond
  • Leif Hoste
  • Benoit Joachim
  • Gennady Mikhaylov
  • Paolo Savoldelli
  • Jurgen Van Den Broeck
  • Max Van Heeswijk
  • Johan Bruyneel is quoted, “After the retirement of Lance in 2005 it was natural for our team to begin making changes. The Team was built around Lance for seven years and as we move out of the Lance era we are now looking at new objectives in addition to the Tour de France. With those new objectives it is natural that we will make changes and that some riders will also look to make a change. I am very confident that we will continue to win big races in 2007 with our new roster.”

    What is it going to be called now?


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