Disco is so yesterday.

September 23, 2006


Word has been leaking out in over the past few weeks of a major change afoot in the Discovery Channel Procycling team. I’ve posted several reported moves here. The most recent being Roger Hammond and Lief Hoste. Now it is official. Just like my Leisure Suit, the old Disco boys are being put into the closet and the famous Blue Train is disbanded.

Here are the boys who will be wearing different kits next year.


  • Jose Azevedo
  • Michael Barry
  • Manuel “Triki” Beltran
  • Viatcheslav “Eki” Ekimov
  • Roger Hammond
  • Leif Hoste
  • Benoit Joachim
  • Gennady Mikhaylov
  • Paolo Savoldelli
  • Jurgen Van Den Broeck
  • Max Van Heeswijk
  • Johan Bruyneel is quoted, “After the retirement of Lance in 2005 it was natural for our team to begin making changes. The Team was built around Lance for seven years and as we move out of the Lance era we are now looking at new objectives in addition to the Tour de France. With those new objectives it is natural that we will make changes and that some riders will also look to make a change. I am very confident that we will continue to win big races in 2007 with our new roster.”

    What is it going to be called now?


    Floyd Landis prepares for hip surgery and his defense

    September 23, 2006

    Floyd Landis is already hard at work preparing for his hip surgery scheduled for Sept 27th. Floyd’s physician, Brant Kay says in FLoyd Landis’ press release: “Floyd is going to undergo a state of the art procedure that will maximize his chances of returning to racing at the top level.”

    Floyd’s press release also states that:

    Following surgery, Landis will go through physical therapy to regain strength and range of movement in the hip. As part of his physical rehabilitation program, Landis will begin training in earnest for the 2007 season when he hopes to defend his Tour de France title.

    We at EndlessCycle have an exclusive photo of Floyd as he begins training for, not only the Tour de France in 2007, but for the arbitration panel.


    While taking this shot, Floyd was heard saying to his legal team, “At my signal, unleash hell!”

    Habemus Casum!

    September 23, 2006

    We have a trial! (My apologies to the Vatican).

    Reports spanning the blogsphere with legitimate media outlets like Trust but Verify and tabloids like the New York Times saying the USADA took the easy route in sending the case to a hearing. I think that it would have been a monumental win for Floyd Landis to get the case thrown out right up front. When given the choice, most people will push things off to another group. If you don’t believe me, why does the gate agent put you on a flight that connects in Cleveland when they already know you will not make your connection and have to spend the night there. Because, they want someone else to deal with it.


    As they said in the Colosseum, “Let the Games Begin!”

    Editor’s note: My apologies on my late posting of the decision.  I had gone back to the Directeur Sportif’s car for some quality time with my DS  and two mechanics when the attack came from the front of the peloton. (Family night)

    Do you support a clean sport?

    September 23, 2006

    It seems that CycleSport magazine is trying to put its money where it’s mouth is. The current issue is dedicated to creating a groundswell to really push for a breakthrough in achieving a clean sport. After three consecutive covers presented the magazine an embarrassment, the magazine feels it needs to do something radical.

    This issue is trying to get a perspective on riding clean. Or as they say, on “bread and water.” It is definitely worth the price.

    Another tactic, is the demonstration of transparant wristbands. While wristbands are not new (sic), It is an interesting effort. I think this is more that an self-serving effort by CycleSport. Read the magazine and decide for yourself. The bands are free with a nominal shipping charge. Therefore, the magazine is using it’s own money to make this statement. I think I’ll put a few of my own hard-earned dollars in the coffer. It’s the least I can do for my kids.


    USADA still in conclave

    September 23, 2006


    The members of the USADA have not met their self imposed timeline of an announcement this week in the Floyd Landis v World case. The smoke signals another lost day.

    Bloggers and fans are beginning to lose interest.