The world watches and waits


Floyd Landis, Dick Pound, and the entire cycling world are gathered in the square outside the USADA headquarters to see when the white smoke will come out of the chimney indicating a decision in the Floyd Landis v World case.

Both sides undoubtly already are holding multiple FedEx envelopes waiting on the decision. One FedEx envelop with appeals, another with press releases. Both at the ready.

On Monday and again on Tuesday, only black smoke appeared.

Click here for the latest on the Floyd Landis Conclave


4 Responses to The world watches and waits

  1. Daniel M says:

    Excellent analogy!

    Still waiting, last I checked.

    – Rant

  2. tbv says:

    PJ, wake up!!! white smoke!!!

  3. […] have been holding this vigil for well over a year. Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of the original Floyd Landis conclave. I’ve met many great people in the square. It will be sad to see them […]

  4. Frankie says:

    Roid Landis must receive a lifetime ban from all Olympic sport.

    His witness tampering confession, creepy alliances and steroid abuse lies must not be tolerated.

    Roid Floyd will get his due.

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