And you thought “the look” was bad

I’ll bet a few athletes breathed a sigh of relief when the Spanish authorities in Operation Puerto said they could not and would not pursue any riders since there is no law in place to be broken. That gave some riders the resolve to refuse to cooperate with their own country’s investigation. The big refusal is in providing DNA samples. Even the UCI has said they would not turn over samples to the various anti-doping authorities. Jan Ullrich probably felt pretty confident in his Swiss home looking at his Swiss racing license. Reminds me of the foot of L’Alpe d’Heuz in 2001. Until the German authorities came from the back of the peloton.

German authorities decided to attack by searching 10 houses in the Jan Ullrich case. These included Jan Ullrich’s house in Scherzingen, Switzerland, the home and office of his manager, Wolfgang Strohband, in Hamburg, Germany, and the Belgian home of Rudy Pevenage.

The authorities took DNA samples from Jan to compare to the blood samples seized in Operation Puerto. This may be the tipping point. If a positive link is found, look for pressure to go on Ivan Basso to supply DNA samples even if it is only 99.9% accurate as is the concern of Basso’s lawyers. The code breakers in Operation Puerto will have proved themselves.

If there is no link, look for a huge uproar from riders and their fans to drop the campaign against them. Then this case will go quietly into the night.


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