To “B” or not to “B”

Well, the blog world has been abuzz over the last 24 hours regarding some information out of Floyd Landis’ camp. I’ve read and thought but have not commented on the statements until now.

There is several interesting tacts that this story could take. I am interested to see where it could go. Thank goodness that blogs like Trust but Verify are documenting the various story lines as they veer off taking lives of their own. I think of TBV as my TiVo for Floyd.

First. The stories are starting to show up in mainstream media. First journalists such as Martin Dugard began blogging that the tide may be turning in the Floyd Landis case. Then media outlets themselves started reporting the story.

The story unfolded like this. First we hear the lab did not follow protocols. To a lay person, this sounds like weasel words of a man trying to get out on a technicality. Kind of like someone saying the search warrant was not processed properly. This did not resonate. Then we hear that the most damming piece of evidence which is the finding of synthetic testosterone may not be as rock solid as reported by the lab. People started to wake up. Since talk of metabolites and ratios make most people glaze over, real traction was not obtained.

Finally, news starts working its way across the wires that the while tests on both the “A” and “B” samples were positive, they yielded different results. In fact, we hear that the “B” sample may not even be Floyd’s.

Now we have something that in a soundbite, we all get and understand. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. (actually France apologies to Hamlet for the second time this post).

Here is where the soap opera shifts into hyperdrive.

  • What do we do with the lab?
  • Where is the WADA in all this?
  • Will the heat shift from Floyd to Dick Pound?
  • What will happen when Floyd goes on the offensive as he did in Stage 17?

Stay tuned. To quote Josephus from History of the World Part I, “The tide is turning!”


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