Will anyone believe drug testing again?

That’s the question asked by the LATimes in an article examining the author’s position on a variety of cases, including Floyd Landis’, in the wake of the Marion Jone’s negative ‘B’ sample.

Two blogs take a look at some inconsistencies coming out of the Floyd Landis case. Rant your head off and Trust but verify.

Either way this case comes out, I think Dick Pound also needs to go. If the Chairwoman of the Hewlett Packard board needs to quit for abusing her power, so does the head of the WADA. He pronounces, leaks, and abuses his authority again and again. I think to answer the question posted in this blog, we need to; “Throw the bums out!” or more accurately as coined by fans of the Brooklyn Dodgers baseball team; “Trow da Bums Out!”


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