It’s Millar time!

David Millar showed a glimpse of the old form by beating Fabian Cancellara of team CSC by a whisker. David immediately went to the pulpit, er.. podium and proclaimed:

“I want everybody to understand something, even my fellow professional cyclists and the fans who love cycling: I am doing this on nothing, only on bread and water. I do not believe in any injections of any sort for recuperation. We can perform at the highest level in cycling without any medical help. Today was a purely physical test. I won, and I am 100% clean.”


The short time trial produced quite a bit of excitement even if it does not effect the final outcome. Alejandro Valverde conceded only 13 seconds to Millar and 8 to Vinokourov. Valverde picked up 33 seconds on Sastre.

The short course (33km) did exactly as intended. It created excitement but will not displace the mountains as the ultimate decision maker in this year’s Vuelta.


Fabian Cancellera missed by that much.


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