I need my cycling.tv

September 7, 2006

Anyone in the path of Ernesto knows what a washout Labor-day weekend was. It was so bad, I actually took my bike and (gasp) put it on the trainer!

Yes, I did it. I prematurely put my bike in it’s off season place. And I did it with only one new video. 2006 Paris Roubaix. What a race. With the train, George’s stem, the pave, wow.

That got me thinking.

1) What other videos should I buy for the dreaded winter months. The Tour of Flanders is already on order. So is the Tour de France. I ordered the full tour video in that brief period between the exhilaration of Floyd Landis winning but before the leaks. I am still debating whether I should cancel the order. Thoughts? Sorry, I digress.

2) What about Cycling.tv? I paid for the Premium, Giro, and the Vuelta. I have access to the archives. How can I get that into my training room. I actually have a wireless network in my house so I can take a laptop to watch but the quality of the stream stinks. Can’t they cache the video like Revver or YouTube? Then I can watch high quality video via my laptop.

If not, is there an iTunes like way where I can download the race I want to watch that morning? Come on guys, help me here. I know you want to secure the site but I paid 20 Euro or the premium service. $20US for the Giro. another 20Euro for the Vuelta. That’s a lot of money! Help me get value for that spend. Give me an alternative to World Cycling Productions! Not that they are bad, but variety will get me through the winter.