Jakob Piil to T-Mobile

It looks like Director Tristan Hoffman is not just taking CSC kits and gear with him as he leaves for T-Mobile. He is taking Jakob Piil with him. Not surprising as I have been asking that question for a couple of weeks now.

“This probably has been the hardest decision I’ve made in my career so far, because I’ve really enjoyed my time with Team CSC. I’ve been with this team since the beginning and watched it grow. But if I’m to try something new in my career it has to be now.”

Riis bids Jokob bon chance as he loses a rider who has been with him pretty much since the beginning.

“We wish him the very best. Jakob has been an important rider to our team for the last seven years, and of course we thank him for that. I think that Jakob has a lot to offer T-Mobile with his vast experience and the potential he continues to have as a rider.”

I agree with Bjarne. I think Jakob is perfect for a T-Mobile that is rebuilding out of the ashes left by Ullrich and Pevenage. Jakob brings a work ethic and the ability to mentor young riders. As Bjarne looks to retool, it seems that the stars aligned.



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