Continuing the youth movement

This year continues to be the year of the young. Danilo Di Luca was unable to go with the lead group in today’s stage of the Vuelta. The stage was pretty unremarkable until end up Alto de El Morredero, a first category climb.

The stage was won by the climbing sprinter or is it a sprinting climber. Either way, ProTour leader Alejandro Valverde from Caisse d’Epargne-Illes Balears.

Today’s revelation is another in a growing youth brigade. Janez Brajkovic is not the name of a Julia Roberts movie but the leader of Discovery Channel and the Vuelta. Where is Tom Danielson. Well as I said at the start, this is a make or break tour for the Lance-appointed heir. Well it took only seven stages for Discovery’s boy wonder to break. For a climber to lose over three minutes on a first category climb is dissapointing.

At 22 Brajkovic is still a bit green for the press.

“I didn’t dream about taking the jersey before starting this race. I came here to gain some experience, that was my first goal. I also came here to help our leader Tom Danielson…my target was to do that and also to finish the tour.”

“I still think that I am a very young rider and not very experienced. The finish is two weeks away and in that time, many things can happen. We will take it day by day and see how my body will react.

“Johan is such an experienced person that I am sure he will guide me and guide the team in the right way. I trust him 100 percent.”

Now, where’s my shawl, I thought I left on the rocking chair.

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