T-Mobile cleans house and keeps moving forward

Out managers: Olaf Ludwig and Rudy Pevenage. Riders: Jan Ullrich, Oscar Sevilla, Andreas Klöden and Matthias Kessler.

In, new management in Bob Stapleton and director Tristan Hoffman who debuted as a first year director this year with CSC. Says Tristan:

“It’s been a tough decision to make, cause I’ve had a fantastic time at Team CSC. The team gave me a chance as sports director, when I suddenly had to stop my active career due to a serious injury, and that’s given me the perfect experience regarding my future career within cycling. I’ve been with the team for seven years now, so I needed a new challenge, which I found at T-Mobile. I’ve talked a lot with Bjarne about my decision, and I’m very happy that he respects my choice.”

Bob is an interesting sort. The cycling world knows him as the successful manager of the T-Mobile women’s cycling team. What you may not know is that his relationship with T-Mobile goes a little further. Bob is the former CEO of VoiceStream Wireless. In 2001, Deutsche Telekom purchased VoiceStream for $55 Billion dollars.

With a few billion in the bank, you’d be smiling too!

Well, we know Bob can’t be corrupted by money. Bob has shown an ability to manage a team, a passion for cycling, and a knowledge of his weaknesses. He has publicly stated that he is not qualified to sit in the car and direct a team. That is why he has brought in Tristan Hoffman.

While T-Mobile is a German company, it has global ambitions. Therefore Stapleton says to expect the team to stay true to its roots but have it’s riders reflect the global nature of the company. That sounds a lot like another team. What is their name? Oh yeah, Discovery Channel.


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