Should the WADA be investigated also?

the process for Floyd Landis is already underway. I will await the outcome before weighing in with my opinion. But you should already know my concern. Those sitting in judgement namely Pat McQuaid and Dick Pound are unqualified to render judgement.

I believe anyone who is put into a position of judgement needs to be objective. We have seen enough of the McQuaid-led UCI which admits to breaking rules in order to leak information first.

We have seen enough of the WADA who not only haspublicly accused all riders of doping, he has taken shots at the credibility of other Anti-Doping agencies such as the USADA. Pound has stated that regarding the USADA

“Who knows, USADA may subscribe to a suggestion that both athletes (Landis & Gatlin), in separate sports, were ambushed by a roving squad of Nazi frogmen and injected against their will with the prohibited substances.”

Can anyone receive fair treatment? That is the question being asked in a petition calling for an overall investigation into the governing bodies of sport. The petition states:

“The organisation’s president may have the best of intentions but his attacks on athletes, before due process has been carried out, often fall far short of the standards you would expect of the head of a body aiming to eradicate drugs in sport,”

What do you think? As of this writing, approximatly 3100 people agree.


One Response to Should the WADA be investigated also?

  1. […] What I am saying is that our sport is activly looking to improve the fairness of competition.  We find cheats because we look for cheats.  When we find them, we remove them from the sport. I think the WADA as a body over all sport, not just cycling to hold our sport up as the example, not a curse. […]

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