Veulta attempting to make the sport more user firendly

La Vuelta, long been know for trying to spice things up, is adding more innovations to this year’s race. Not only will the prologue be a team prologue, but 100g cameras will be mounted on the bikes of domestiques facing backward. Therefore, on sprint stages Milram may give you a shot of Alessandro Petacchi’s lead-out and on mountain stages, you will get to see the pace get taken up in order to set up an attack.

There will also be live feeds from the Director’s car when before they were recorded. The Vuelta will not have heart-rate monitors, however. Even though the pioneered this addition, they decided that domestiques were not as interesting as the leaders which were off limits, of course. That would be very interesting to have all the team leaders wired. No more faking it.

Yes, I’ll be spending 20 Euros on  20 for the season, 20 dollars for Le Tour, and 20 Euro for La Vuelta.  What is wrong with me?

The Vuelta also has an informative website with tie-ins to Google maps, a kids section, among others.  Good job.


6 Responses to Veulta attempting to make the sport more user firendly

  1. Eric says:

    I’m not sure what’s wrong with either of us! I do hope for next year they consider switching to an all inclusive plan and an “a la cart” plan. I would pay 50 – 60 Euros to have all access. But I won’t be able to convince my better half that we should spend 20 for the ProTour & Classics, 20 for the Giro, 20 for the Tour and 20 for the Vuelta.

    And here in the US we can’t get UCI on Annoying.

  2. pelotonjim says:

    I’d also pay an all-inclusive price. Then I would not have to ask why am I paying more for the Vuelta (20Euros) than the Tour de France (20US).

  3. […] A quick recap, the Vuelta has put into place several innovations (click here) in this year’s race. One is the 7km team time trial across a pancake flat course. I have to tell you, there is nothing more beautiful than the team time trial. The prologue format really highlights the poetry on a person racing a bicycle. It is worth the 19.99Euros. […]

  4. D says:

    I won’t be spending money on next year. At any data rate, the picture is variable–and no matter what my computer says my data rate is, they never detect anything over 1000, so I got 800 tops; it stutters and stops dead, whether it’s live or recorded highlights; on some occasions I was unable to access the day’s race until the winner was on the podium. I don’t need to pay money and get up at 6 a.m. to experience impotent rage. Too bad, I liked the commentary, although they never properly adjusted Brian Smith’s mic on the rare occasion I could tune in.

  5. […] PelotonJim we learned that the Vuelta this year is they will be using some of the camera angles and advances […]

  6. Alba says:

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