Veulta attempting to make the sport more user firendly

August 26, 2006

La Vuelta, long been know for trying to spice things up, is adding more innovations to this year’s race. Not only will the prologue be a team prologue, but 100g cameras will be mounted on the bikes of domestiques facing backward. Therefore, on sprint stages Milram may give you a shot of Alessandro Petacchi’s lead-out and on mountain stages, you will get to see the pace get taken up in order to set up an attack.

There will also be live feeds from the Director’s car when before they were recorded. The Vuelta will not have heart-rate monitors, however. Even though the pioneered this addition, they decided that domestiques were not as interesting as the leaders which were off limits, of course. That would be very interesting to have all the team leaders wired. No more faking it.

Yes, I’ll be spending 20 Euros on  20 for the season, 20 dollars for Le Tour, and 20 Euro for La Vuelta.  What is wrong with me?

The Vuelta also has an informative website with tie-ins to Google maps, a kids section, among others.  Good job.