It dosen’t get any better than this

As you might recall, George Hincapie was robbed of his overall victory of the Tour of Benelux. Well, team management complained and protested. What else is new. So, how do you respond in a unique way as a rider? How do you keep the memory of the final 100 meters of injustice? Well cyclingnews carried the best story in its by- line. George, if I ever get the opportunity to meet you, drinks are on me!

Hincapie’s second place trophy ends up in Zwolle

Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf reports that George Hincapie’s trophy that he received for finishing second in the Eneco Tour has ended up in a bar in Zwolle, The Netherlands. Bar owner Theo Dragt got the trophy from Willem Boverhof, a Zwolse journalist who happened to be parked near the Discovery Channel team in Ans after the final stage.

After what happened in the final sprint, where Hincapie saw his chances of victory disappear after a spectator pushed Stefan Schumacher into the American’s front wheel, one of Discovery’s soigneurs was thinking of throwing the trophy out of the bus on the way home. Boverhof ‘rescued’ it from an ignominious fate, and it is now ensconced in a bar in Zwolle.



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