Bicycling is good for the economy

I meant environment, didn’t I? We all know that riding your bike to work is good for your health, environment, and saves a little gas money in the process. But the economy? The answer seems to be yes!

On the front page of today’s USAToday, cycling is the outdoor recreation activity that generates the second most jobs in the United States. Here are the figures:

  1. Camping 2.3 million jobs
  2. Bicycling 1.1 million jobs
  3. Hiking 716,000
  4. Fishing 587,000
  5. Snow sports 567,000

So, if you want to save the world, ride!


3 Responses to Bicycling is good for the economy

  1. Eric says:

    Wow, that’s a much bigger part of the economy than I ever suspected!

    Gotta plan out a self supported cycling/camping trip through New England before I go back west.

  2. That’s around 6 million people. Are the other 294 million on welfare?

  3. pelotonjim says:

    Looks like the 6 million have to carry the rest. Strap your tent and fishing pole to your bike and carry this country.

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