Tour de Georgia still looking for a title sponsor

After a couple of weeks of looking, the Tour de Georgia is still hunting for a title sponsor. The Tour de Georgia blog states that Medalist Sports is prepared to announce the route without a title sponsor. The race runs early in the season with an April spot on the calendar.

Ford said that it informed Medalist Sports of its decision before the Tour de France so the recent doping allegations against Floyd Landis did now weigh on their decision. That does seem believable since I think Ford has quite a few issues internally to deal with.

The Tour de Georgia yielded a significant positive impact of the Georgia’s economy. “The impact was $26 million (statewide),” said Bert Brantley, spokesman for the Georgia Department of Economic Development.

The city of Macon was lining up to be a start/finish town again due to the positive revenue impact the tour brought to their city.

I hope we can find a stable sponsor for this young but great race. The spring is a great time to catch top American pros while training here at home. With the combination of the Tour of California and the Tour de Georgia, we had powerful incentive for the ProTour teams to send some riders over to the states.

The US really needs a ProTour event on their domestic calendar. This would really accelerate the growth of cycling here in America. We need to keep the momentum Lnace Armstrong started moving forward. I remember the post Greg LeMond era. The death of the Tour DuPont. Can we count on another Lance Armstrong to reignite the flame? If we can demonstrate a sustained interest, then we can attract the ProTour here. We have significant revenue potential for the sport. Let’s show them we can provide access to it.


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  1. […] Lance Retires, The Floyd Landis affair, The Tour of Georgia loses its title sponsor in Ford. Sounds bleak dosen’t it? It seems that all is not that bad. The recently completed Tour of Utah is lookiing for UCI classification as the Third stage race on US soil. It has a lot going for it. The entire race is at altitude and just a few short weeks from the World Championships. This is perfect for those pros who want to use a big stage race like the Vuelta for training. Since it is not a full three weeks long, it may be more attractive tho those who traditionally drop out midway through the Vuelta. […]

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