Pereiro gets “Co-leader” status

Tour de France winner-in-waiting, Oscar Pereiro is being listed as co-leader for Spain’s Grand Tour beginning this weekend. This must make Alejandro Valverde thrilled. How many times do we see the co-leader concept actually do more harm than good? if a team is not united behind a single leader focused on one objective, then disaster is in the offing.

Eusebio Unzue, Director of Caisse d’Epargne, stated

“Valverde and Pereiro will share the leadership at the Vuelta. We are lucky enough to be able to count on two options, which sometimes seems like a problem but usually ends up being just the opposite. We have two leaders who know that sharing responsibility in their profession where there is always a fair degree of risk. They will each be at the other’s disposal, and it will be the road or the surprises that cycling always brings that decides our strategy.”

Please spare me. If Valverde is ready, then put the team behind him. Are you ready for a LeMond/Hinault relationship?



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