Jens Voight does it again and again….

Jens is really demonstrating his form during the finale of this season. From the Team CSC website:

© Tim De Waele

Jens Voigt Did it Again

[13.08 19:33] Jens Voigt did it again – on Sunday the German rider won the 175.2-kilometer Sparkassen Giro Bochum, and thereby secured himself the sixth victory in less than two weeks.

“I have to give the whole team a lot of credit. We made sure we had a rider in all the break aways and for a long time it looked like a break with among others Jakob Piil, were able to make it all the way, but they were caught with about 15-20 kilometers to go,” Voigt explains.

“When the peloton was all together again a lot of counter attacks were launched, and I was able to go with one of them, and it was a good group of riders. In the end I was alone with a Norwegian rider, who is supposed to be strong in a sprint finish, so I attacked on the last climb, and I was successful. At one point I had 40 seconds, but at the finish I think I only had about 20 seconds.”

Next up for Jens Voigt is the Tour of Poland, where he will be considered one of the overall favorites after his latest string of victories.


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