In this corner, the world. In the other corner, John Eustice

John Eustice has been in Floyd Landis’ corner since the beginning.  He has stayed there even as the world has left.  I have to admit, I have one foot out of Floyd’s corner at the moment. 

 John continues to make his case as reported in today’s Lancaster Online.  Since David Letterman has made Floyd the topic of his top ten list, John gives ten reasons for Floyd’s innocence.

  1. It is not in Landis’ character to have doped.
  2. Unlike other riders who have been caught for doping, Landis showed none of the red flags.
  3. Landis has the power to win — without drugs.
  4. Testosterone has a half-life of only two to four hours
  5. Testosterone doesn’t make sense.
  6. The level of synthetic testosterone doesn’t add up
  7. The ratio could be skewed.
  8. His recovery after bonking was not remarkable.
  9. Landis won because he knows how to win.
  10. The French lab has a bad reputation.

I admire John quite a bit and he speaks from both experience as a professional cyclist and with personal knowledge of Floyd.  Since I have neither, I’ll stay on the sidelines for a while.  The article is worth the read even if you have already made up your mind.  Thanks again Wade!  We should all have sources like you.


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