Does everyone want their name in the paper?

This one, I don’t understand.  Patrick Lefévère, manager of the Quick-Step team has decided to sound off on the Floyd Landis situation.  Instead of saying the standard stuff, he has decided to try to further inflame the situation.  Why?  I don’t know.  He has the World Champion Tom Boonen on his team.  Tom has brought more publicity to his team and sponsors than any other team.  So why this quote?

“We should take him to court for what he is now doing to cycling,” said Lefévère. “Why not? Why not take the American approach of dealing with things and apply it here? As long as Landis continues to maintain that he knows nothing, this sort of scenario becomes more likely… I feel like throwing up when I hear him. Landis has turned the clock back 20 years.”

You can read the whole article at procycling. If he means it, I’d like him to start by suing his own former pro Johan Museeuw. Who, by the way still works for Patrick.


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