Viral videos and cycling

You can’t access any news outlets without seeing a story on viral videos and outlets such as YouTube, Revver, and Google Video. I probably see one story a day in the Wall Street Journal.

I think that the sport of cycling is well positioned to take advantage of this medium as a way to grow the sport. I have never seen a sport where the enjoyment and involvement increase exponentially as the knowledge and awareness grow. Things like understanding how a sport with an individual winner is considered a team sport.

Looking at the videos posted on viral sites, I noticed they fall into two categories. First is the peloton screaming by a stationary camera. You can call that a video Graham Watson moment. The next is basically a candidate for America’s Funniest Home Videos. The bike is generally a prop serving a slapstick end.

The Broadband Racer is the latest attempt to capitalize on this growing medium. They have news clips and rider video diaries. Including such top cyclists like Freddy Rodriguez and Christian Vande Velde. These have clips that provide great insight into the world of cycling. Much of the video diaries come across as home movies that only insiders can appreciate. We need more of the former. We need to appeal a little down on the learning curve to bring them up. I look at everyone who has a bike as my potential market.

One highlight is the video diary of Rahsaan Bahati from TIAA-CREFF. This actually provides a good forum for those wanting to look behind the scenes. Johathan Vaughters leads a team of young developmental riders looking to break through. For example, there is some footage of a team meeting before one of the biggest race of the year in Phila.

The video diaries are starting to get old. Let’s keep the content fresh and understand that the offering needs to be broader. One mistake we can’t make is talking to ourselves.One site I’ve been watching some discussion on how to utilize viral videos is Will Video for Food. Much of the site is a bit crazy but there is some useful information.


3 Responses to Viral videos and cycling

  1. […] Apparently the world of biking and online video can meet in more interesting ways. For a glimpse into this, check out Endless Cycle. The writer contributed to the production of an IMAX bicyling video that is gorgeous… it’s called Wired to Win and has some of the most beautiful footage of bikers. […]

  2. […] Nalts who, as his blog will tell you, Will Video for Food. He has already picked up on my previous post and added his two cents. […]

  3. […] Readers of this blog know I have been looking for cyclists to use the growing new medium of viral video to demonstrate the beauty of our sport. Here a YouTube user, monoloque, uses this medium fairly well. The scoring is a bit heavy at times but this is the best I’ve seen so far. […]

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