And now some good news. Make that great news.

When asked by friends who is leading the next generation of American cyclists, I would say Saul Raisin.  I didn’t have to pause to think.  He is that good.  That was until April and the Circuit de la Sarthe race on April 4th.  There he crashed and ended in a coma.

He has since come out of the coma and embarked on a long rehabilitation process to return to a normal life.  I like many others followed his progress from his website .

Racing at the top level was always far from our thoughts since it seemed too far away to even think about.

Latley, Saul has been making great progress.  From Cyclingnews:

Raisin has defied expectations with the speed and extent of his recovery, leaving rehab earlier than expected and also doing rides of up to 4 hours in duration on the indoor trainer. Last week he started using the rollers, proving that his balance had fully returned, and then this Wednesday he took the decision to head out on a 90 minute training ride with his father near his home in Dalton, Georgia.

Here is an interview with Saul.

Keep “Raisin Hell” Saul!!!


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