Guilty or not, Floyd Landis deserves due process

August 10, 2006

In Ken Nortons blog today, he talks about the blatant disregard for the rules going on in the Floyd landis case. Here are some points

  1. The UCI broke their rules of privacy and released the story on Floyd because they were criticized before for following the rules.
  2. The UCI broke the rules because the lab will leak the identity to the paper L’Equipe
  3. The lab, which should not know the identity of the rider they are testing did know but was still allowed to test.

Officer, I broke the law and was speeding because my friends complained that I was following the speed limit .

Give me a break!


And now some good news. Make that great news.

August 10, 2006

When asked by friends who is leading the next generation of American cyclists, I would say Saul Raisin.  I didn’t have to pause to think.  He is that good.  That was until April and the Circuit de la Sarthe race on April 4th.  There he crashed and ended in a coma.

He has since come out of the coma and embarked on a long rehabilitation process to return to a normal life.  I like many others followed his progress from his website .

Racing at the top level was always far from our thoughts since it seemed too far away to even think about.

Latley, Saul has been making great progress.  From Cyclingnews:

Raisin has defied expectations with the speed and extent of his recovery, leaving rehab earlier than expected and also doing rides of up to 4 hours in duration on the indoor trainer. Last week he started using the rollers, proving that his balance had fully returned, and then this Wednesday he took the decision to head out on a 90 minute training ride with his father near his home in Dalton, Georgia.

Here is an interview with Saul.

Keep “Raisin Hell” Saul!!!

The Helmet Cam

August 10, 2006

Nalts who, as his blog will tell you, Will Video for Food. He has already picked up on my previous post and added his two cents.

He seems to be looking for a helmet cam to capture the feel of cycling. Do you think he can capture the feeling of following inches behind the wheel in front of you while hitting a curve at 30mph?

I did a search for Nalts and found out that he is not totally unfamiliar with the bike. A helmet cam for him would at least get him wearing a brain bucket!

Viral videos and cycling

August 10, 2006

You can’t access any news outlets without seeing a story on viral videos and outlets such as YouTube, Revver, and Google Video. I probably see one story a day in the Wall Street Journal.

I think that the sport of cycling is well positioned to take advantage of this medium as a way to grow the sport. I have never seen a sport where the enjoyment and involvement increase exponentially as the knowledge and awareness grow. Things like understanding how a sport with an individual winner is considered a team sport.

Looking at the videos posted on viral sites, I noticed they fall into two categories. First is the peloton screaming by a stationary camera. You can call that a video Graham Watson moment. The next is basically a candidate for America’s Funniest Home Videos. The bike is generally a prop serving a slapstick end.

The Broadband Racer is the latest attempt to capitalize on this growing medium. They have news clips and rider video diaries. Including such top cyclists like Freddy Rodriguez and Christian Vande Velde. These have clips that provide great insight into the world of cycling. Much of the video diaries come across as home movies that only insiders can appreciate. We need more of the former. We need to appeal a little down on the learning curve to bring them up. I look at everyone who has a bike as my potential market.

One highlight is the video diary of Rahsaan Bahati from TIAA-CREFF. This actually provides a good forum for those wanting to look behind the scenes. Johathan Vaughters leads a team of young developmental riders looking to break through. For example, there is some footage of a team meeting before one of the biggest race of the year in Phila.

The video diaries are starting to get old. Let’s keep the content fresh and understand that the offering needs to be broader. One mistake we can’t make is talking to ourselves.One site I’ve been watching some discussion on how to utilize viral videos is Will Video for Food. Much of the site is a bit crazy but there is some useful information.