Wow! Honesty in customer service!

I really like the Cervelo line of bikes.  I have been torn between the R3 and the Carbon Soloist.  One thing I was not sure about was riding a red bike.  Nothing about calling attention to yourself.  I’m not sure I can back it up.  So I wrote Cervelo and asked them if they were thinking about making the Carbon Soloist in black.  Here is their response. I’ve heard of up selling but down selling?

The following is the answer to your question of 17-Jul-2006 11:43:33.

Does the Soloist Carbon come in black as does the Team Soloist?

Hello Jim,
Sorry for the length of time it has taken us to get back to you. The Soloist Carbon only comes in red, but the new Soloist Carbon Super-Light does come in a black and white paint scheme. It is lighter than the Soloist Carbon and more expensive! But if you don’t mind red, the Soloist Carbon is still the best value for your money.
Thank you for your interest in Cervelo


Cervélo Customer Support


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