“As long as I don’t crash, it’s looking pretty good.”

No talking trash here. What is it about wearing the leader’s jersey in your home country? Jens Voight turned out to be the best at the “Race of truth” today in the D-Tour. He finished over a minute ahead of his nearest competitor, Laszlo Bodrogi of Credit Agricole. Levi Leipheimer still can’t find his time trial legs. He was 1′ 14″ off the lead. But Levi seemed happy.

“I was completely focused on my race and did a good job,” he said. “The second place should be almost secured. Of course it’s more beautiful to win, but Jens is riding fantastic at the moment.”

Levi, what happened to the Spartan ethic “Finish with your shield or on it?” For someone who looks as though he was separated at birth from Lance Armstrong, you sound quite different. Better not bring that tone to Discovery!





One Response to “As long as I don’t crash, it’s looking pretty good.”

  1. […] Should that be the first thought that is expressed in the privacy of the team bus with your roommate and good friend? With all that Jens has given to his sport, team and the fans over the years, I would have hoped that he took a minute to enjoy the fruits of a hard won and well deserved victory. […]

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