Ivan who?

August 7, 2006

What happens when you dedicate your whole season around one race and your whole team around one rider?  What then happens when that rider gets suspended from that race? Did you say reach for a shot of Jack Daniels and a beer?  Wrong!

You just go and win the most prestigious stage of that race.  The top classic race in Paris-Roubaix.  The top stage race in your home country (tour of Denmark) and have your super-domistique win the D-Tour.   Which super-domistique? Well the german one of course.  It is the Tour of Germany after all!

I’m already on record as saying Jens is a favorite of mine so you can imagine how happy I am right now.



Changing tactics

August 7, 2006

Floyd Landis is now getting back out in front.  It is a risky gamble but, in my opiniion, the right move.  In interviews across the US, Floyd is admitting the mistake of letting his legal team lead.  He is clearly taking the initiative.

It is also clear that he is not used (or good at) this type of media initiative.  My advice, be yourself.  The more honest you seem the more people will believe you.  Right now, “I don’t know” is OK.  You will need to have an answer soon but don’t go into hiding until then.  Good luck.