What about racing?

August 6, 2006

You are absolutely right, We have some good racing going on. The D-Tour has been as exciting as a race can be with Erik the ageless wonder holding onto a scant 7 second lead. Yesterday’s stage was won by a jubilant Graeme Brown who has been a bridesmaid for almost 4 years now. Looking at Graeme as he crossed the finish line you know why we race. Today’s stage should shake things up with the mountains looming.


The tour of Denmark is also worth checking out. With his prowess in the ITT, Fabian Cancellara holds a 20 second lead over teammate Stuart O’Grady. Sentimental favorite for me is Frank Hoj. Even though he is 2 minutes down, I hope he can pull off a miraculous break like the one he did at the 2002 Het Volk. I know, Frank finished second to Peter van Petegem but the effort will always stay with me as heroic.


That other doping story

August 6, 2006

If you are Jan Ullrich, you have to love Floyd Landis.  The following story was so far buried that it took a little while to find.  Jan may not have much luck on the bike, but his luck off the bike is showing signs of improvement.  Having this quote released on the same day as Floyd Landis’s “B” announcement moved this way down on the stroy line.

German anti-doping expert Werner Franke has expressed his amazement at the contents of a dossier on Jan Ullrich collected by Spanish investigators as part of Operacion Puerto. Franke was quoted on German Rheinmaintv as saying, “I have the file of Mr Ullrich from Madrid and it’s been a while since I’ve seen so much bad stuff.

“There must have been people around him who put him in contact with Spanish doctors. He bought quite a lot of dope in Spain. In one year, Ullrich paid €35,000 for doping substances.”

I can only wonder how Operation Puerto’s ongoing saga would be affected had Floyd not knocked it off the headlines.  By the way, has anyone seen Ivan Basso? Perhaps he was wearing this shirt?