See, I told you so…

Floyd Landis is now getting lumped together with other athletes who, when caught, fire explanation after explanation.  Each one more ludicrous than the last.  I remember Gary Sheffield talking about a “mystery cream” that must have been the culprit.  Barry Bonds when asked about steroid use was very lawyerly when he said “I never knowingly used steroids.”

Generally, we will believe you if we think you are telling the truth.  Even if you say you don’t know. This opinion from ESPN is the first to begin to express our feelings.  Floyd,  come out straight.  Remember when Lance fought the 1999 frozen urine story?  All he said was “I don’t know how it got there.  All I know is it wasn’t there when I gave it to you.” He moved the game and put the pressure on them.  He was eventually proven right.  He never said maybe it was Jan Ullrich, or aliens, or………..

Please don’t continue down this path.  America and the cycling world wants to believe you.  Now, give them a reason.


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