“B” Sample Positive

No one should be surprised by this one.  Even Floyd Landis said he expected the “B” sample to be positive.  Even though the case now goes to USA Cycling, the shoes begin to fall. Phonak released a statement sacking Floyd:

“As a result, Landis will be dismissed without notice for violating the team’s internal Code of Ethics,”

 I expect the the Tour de France is just giddy with anticipation of taking the yellow jersey away from FLoyd.

Christian Prudhomme said.”

“We cannot tolerate the yellow jersey being soiled,” he said. “Taking the Landis case into account, it is imperative that the managers, the team directors, the doctors or indeed those who pretend to be doctors are also punished.”

Now remember Floyd, this test has been overturned quite often.  Don’t use Tyler Hamilton’s defence and start thowing out any possibility no matter how weird.  Remember the “vanishing twin” theory? It makes you look guilty.  Deal with it head on and don’t hide behind your attorney.  Take a lesson from Lance.  Be the front man take your case yourself to the people directly and let the lawyers fight in the courtroom where they are the most effective.


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