See, I told you so…

August 5, 2006

Floyd Landis is now getting lumped together with other athletes who, when caught, fire explanation after explanation.  Each one more ludicrous than the last.  I remember Gary Sheffield talking about a “mystery cream” that must have been the culprit.  Barry Bonds when asked about steroid use was very lawyerly when he said “I never knowingly used steroids.”

Generally, we will believe you if we think you are telling the truth.  Even if you say you don’t know. This opinion from ESPN is the first to begin to express our feelings.  Floyd,  come out straight.  Remember when Lance fought the 1999 frozen urine story?  All he said was “I don’t know how it got there.  All I know is it wasn’t there when I gave it to you.” He moved the game and put the pressure on them.  He was eventually proven right.  He never said maybe it was Jan Ullrich, or aliens, or………..

Please don’t continue down this path.  America and the cycling world wants to believe you.  Now, give them a reason.


“Those who do not learn from history are bound to repeat it”

August 5, 2006

Looks like Harold Jacobs did not hear this adage before.  He is using the same defense again.  Remember that one?  The one that failed and turned many believers into doubters?  Try this quote from Einstein.  “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.”


Here is the statement released.  I can’t help but think of a fighter jet releasing flack to confuse the opponent.

Los Angeles, August 5, 2006 ­ The UCI (International Cycling Union) today announced that the results of the ‘B’ analysis conducted on Floyd Landis’s urine sample of July 20, 2006 are consistent with the findings of the ‘A’ sample. Both samples were taken following Landis’s victory in stage 17 of the Tour de France. The results of the ‘A’ sample were released on July 26. Landis will pursue the appeal procedures established by the UCI in order to overturn the laboratory results. It is expected that the matter will now be referred to USA Cycling.

Landis, who has not used performance-enhancing substances, maintains his innocence in this case and believes that he will be vindicated of the doping charges.

‘I have never taken any banned substance, including testosterone. I was the strongest man in the Tour de France, and that is why I am the champion,’ said Landis. ‘I will fight these charges with the same determination and intensity that I bring to my training and racing. It is now my goal to clear my name and restore what I worked so hard to achieve.’

Landis’s attorney, Howard Jacobs, has begun preparing the case for arbitration. If the case follows the normal protocol, it is expected to be resolved within four to six months.

‘At this point in time, I am waiting to receive the full laboratory documentation for the ‘B’ test. In consultation with some of the leading medical and scientific experts, we will prove that Floyd Landis’s victory in the 2006 Tour de France was not aided in any respect by the use of any banned substances,’ said Jacobs.

Landis and Jacobs will also argue against the UCI’s premature release of the ‘A’ sample findings as well as the anonymous leak of the carbon-isotope test results to the New York Times on July 31.

‘I call on the UCI to start following its own rules and to allow this process to proceed without the further taint of public comment by UCI officials,’ added Jacobs. ‘The anti-doping process must be free from the perception that sports federations and anti-doping authorities, who hold great political and financial sway over sport, are attempting to influence the outcome of a pending case by issuing inappropriate public comments.’

“B” Sample Positive

August 5, 2006

No one should be surprised by this one.  Even Floyd Landis said he expected the “B” sample to be positive.  Even though the case now goes to USA Cycling, the shoes begin to fall. Phonak released a statement sacking Floyd:

“As a result, Landis will be dismissed without notice for violating the team’s internal Code of Ethics,”

 I expect the the Tour de France is just giddy with anticipation of taking the yellow jersey away from FLoyd.

Christian Prudhomme said.”

“We cannot tolerate the yellow jersey being soiled,” he said. “Taking the Landis case into account, it is imperative that the managers, the team directors, the doctors or indeed those who pretend to be doctors are also punished.”

Now remember Floyd, this test has been overturned quite often.  Don’t use Tyler Hamilton’s defence and start thowing out any possibility no matter how weird.  Remember the “vanishing twin” theory? It makes you look guilty.  Deal with it head on and don’t hide behind your attorney.  Take a lesson from Lance.  Be the front man take your case yourself to the people directly and let the lawyers fight in the courtroom where they are the most effective.