John Eustice Sounds off

While the accompanying article to the video is a good read, please take the 3 or 4 minutes to watch this video. It is time well spent.

John gets a little hot on the Floyd Landis issue. He pooints out:

  1. That the lab and the UCI are leaking tons of information
  2. This is the same lab that created the furor over Lance in 2005 and later was proven wrong.

Either way, Floyd is in trouble. Even if everything goes away tomorrow, he will never be able to “celebrate” his victory as the Champion. I put celebrating in quotes to indicating all of the things that go along with the popping of champange corks with family and friends. Endorsement deals, Leno spots, White House visits. Sounds silly but, he deserves it.

One Response to John Eustice Sounds off

  1. […] John Eustice has been in Floyd Landis’ corner since the beginning.  He has stayed there even as the world has left.  I have to admit, I have one foot out of Floyd’s corner at the moment.  […]

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