Time to play favorites

August 3, 2006

First off, I love Jens Voight. On and off the bike. Today, he took it to the field in the D-Tour.

One question, did he read my posts on form and attacking before this morning? We’ll never know.

From the Team CSC Website:

© Tim De Waele

Victory for Voigt

[03.08 16:59] Jens Voigt was on top form in the 209-kilometer second stage of Deutschland Tour from Minden to Goslar. The German rider bridged the gap to Davide Rebellin (Gerolsteiner) and Andrey Kashechkin (Astana Team) on his own – the two had escaped on the final climb.

The peloton was breathing down their necks during the last kilometer, but Voigt had done his homework on the route and launched a lengthy sprint thereby securing himself the victory.

“I knew that whoever reached the final turn first would win the stage, because the last two hundred meters were downhill towards the finish line. I was probably the most sly today, but of course I was also very motivated to make a good result in my home country after having done badly in the prologue because of the rain. It’s always wonderful for me to win here in Germany, and I still feel in great shape on top of the Tour, which of course I need to make use of,” said Jens Voigt after his victory.

Vladimir Gusev (Discovery Channel) still leads overall and Inigo Cuesta and Jens Voigt are best for Team CSC with a fourth and fifth place.


Time for a break

August 3, 2006

Do you need a commercial break from your day?  There are times when I need to reboot my brain.  Since that takes about as long as rebooting Windows, I need to do something while I wait.  Generally I turn to Anthony Pope and his Peloton People.  Anthony exercises his dry wit through a funny cast of characters. 

Good clean fun.

John Eustice Sounds off

August 3, 2006

While the accompanying article to the video is a good read, please take the 3 or 4 minutes to watch this video. It is time well spent.

John gets a little hot on the Floyd Landis issue. He pooints out:

  1. That the lab and the UCI are leaking tons of information
  2. This is the same lab that created the furor over Lance in 2005 and later was proven wrong.

Either way, Floyd is in trouble. Even if everything goes away tomorrow, he will never be able to “celebrate” his victory as the Champion. I put celebrating in quotes to indicating all of the things that go along with the popping of champange corks with family and friends. Endorsement deals, Leno spots, White House visits. Sounds silly but, he deserves it.


August 3, 2006

“And there’s an attack!  He’s got the gap!  Can he hold it to the finish?”  How many times have you played this recording in your head as you mash down on the pedals.  If you race, the questions of “Should I attack?”  “When Should I attack?”  and “Should I go with that attach?” are probably the thoughts that rattle around in our minds more than any other questions.

The Daily Peloton offers a great overview of the attack.  Even if you don’t race, it is a great read and gives you a little more insight into the mind of the racer and Director since this is the age of radios.

A classy interview from a classy rider

August 3, 2006

Spain’s Oscar Pereiro is interviewed in this morning’s cycling news. In the interview, he shows himself to be thoughtful and devoid of ego. From a man who stands to inhetit the Tour de France crown, it is a refreshing read.