Now for a PSA

July 29, 2006

I’m a live and let live kind of guy. If you log a significant amount of miles, then you need to think safety. Do you wear a helmet? Good. Do you tell your friends that you only shave your legs because it helps road rash treatment? Then look at this. It is a great idea and for 20 bucks a no brainer. That is why you wear a helmet right? To save your brain to make these kind of decisions.

Road ID

I only wish my brain thought of it first.


So, you think you can do better?

July 29, 2006

How many times did you think the Director was making the wrong move? Not sending riders into the right break. Letting a rider get too much time. Well, Johan/Bjarne here is your chance to do better.


This game looks fantastic. Here is a review. You can show T-Mobile how to win the tour, or take advantage of their tactical blunders. Either way, who of us hasn’t wanted to see the Champs-Elysées from the team car! When I try it, I’ll let you know. If you have it, do tell!