Who do I believe?

Do you ever watch CourtTv? Have you ever seen a trial?  I have.  It generally ends with a passioned, believable plea for mercy.  The plea includes either claims of innocence or promises of the straight and narrow if given one more chance.  I always am moved to believe them.  Right up until the judge slams the gavel and crushes their spirit.  I guess the judge hears this all the time.  I can imaging that early in their career, they believe the story and give someone a break.  Then, they live to regret it. 

What happens to the really innocent person coming before the hardened judge?  Their story sounds just like all the others.  How can you tell the difference?  I believed in Santiago Perez.  I believed in Tyler Hamilton. Actually, I still might.  I didn’t believe Joseba Beloki and seem to be proven wrong.

I am believing Floyd Landis.  Why?  His mom sounds like there is no equivocation in her values and that must have been instilled in Floyd.  But, that’s not it.  He seems to be a straight up guy.  I don’t think that’s it.  Is it because he is not acting guilty?  He seems to be acting the way I would act if I were wrongly accused of doping.  I sense some anger, but more depression and shock. 

Read his words, While he says he’ll prove his innocence, he seems resigned to the fact this has permanently stained him.  This is not one of the two reactions normally seen. 

The first is the PR offensive.  Whining publicly on his innocence and blaming someone else for incompetence, malice, etc.

The second is lawyering up.  Here, your lawyer whines for you while you hide.  Then the lawyer games begin.  This has the effect of making you look guilty regardless.  Look at Ivan Basso.  I really want him to be innocent. His lawyer says that Ivan wants the DNA test that would prove if his blood is in Dr. Fuentes possession.  His lawyer also says that he is preventing Ivan from taking the DNA test due to the unreliability of the test. This is bad PR.   Having the lawyer take the hit and muddy the waters around the validity of DNA testing looks like you are preparing for a positive result.  Bad, bad, bad. The CSI generation is not going to buy this one.

We know the “B” sample will be positive.  This lab can’t have another embarrassment after being raked over the coals by the UCI investigator in the Lance Armstrong case.  No way. Then what.

I really don’t know.


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