What constitutes performance enhancement drugs?

Now the recent furor around Floyd Landis has our attention on drugs in sport. In the US, we also have Barry Bonds on the spit. First up, watch how each sport treats its suspected drug users.

I think we all agree that if you take a substance that is not native to your body and it has the effect of improving your performance, that’s wrong. What about a substance that is native? Like EPO? I still think most of us will think that is wrong.

What about blood. If I infuse some blood prior to a race, is that doping? Should the WADA be the enforcement body? What if I take out my own blood, then put it back in? No drugs, no foreign substances? We may have lost some of you on this last one but, I’m still with you.

Here’s where I get off the train. THe WADA is taking another look at hypoxic tents. For those who don’t know, you sleep in these tents to trick your body into thinking you are at a high altitude. Your body responds by producing more red blood cells. Athletes have always trained in high altitude to improve their performance while at sea level. the tent allows you to train at sea level (better) while slepping at altitude thus getting the best of both worlds. Thoughts?Hypoxic AltitudeTent system

I have two. 1) The WADA is really stepping over their bounds of authority. 2) My dad always told me never make a rule that can’t be enforced. How are you going to test for this? Follow athletes around 24/7 to see where they sleep and train?


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