It starts!

I made a joke to a friend on Tuesday. He asked what I thought of Floyd Landis winning the TDF. At the end of my serious reply, I jokingly said that the European press will need a new story line for Floyd. The usual “he must be on drugs!” innuendo followed by some “wink – wink” stories won’t stick to a man whose upbringing and family has stricter rules than the UCI!

I thought it was funny until I saw this story in procycling. Floyd skips the post tour criteriums due to his hip and pending surgery. Now, any one who has been in criteriums knows the danger. Add that to the pain Floyd is in and you get a pretty compelling reason to skip what is a tradition for the winner of the maillot jaune.

If you have any facts, print them. Otherwise, let the man enjoy the fruits of his victory! By the way. Of the thousands of pictures of Floyd taken during the Tour, could you have picked a more menacing one?

Floyd Landis copyright  TDWSPORT.COM

Photo copyright TDWSPORT.COM


One Response to It starts!

  1. sheila says:

    i hear that too!

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